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Sangri's Delicacies

Traditional Favourites

Choose from - Chicken, (Lamb & Prawn 49p extra)
(King Prawn £3.95 extra), vegetable.

Balti Chicken/Lamb in Saffron Sauce£9.95

This is an aromatic chicken or lamb dish cooked in a karahi wok with shallot. melted butter together with garlic, black peppercorns, cadamom, sangri, yoghurt, saffron strands and fresh herbs.

Pink Reshmi£9.95

Shredded chicken. Marinated in yoghurt red spices, grilled and served in an exotic sauce.

Murgi Angara£9.95

This delicous dish with bombay chicken or lamb are cooked in mild coconut sauces flavoured with fresh curry leaves, fennel, green pepper, garlic and sesame oil, fresh coriander, mint and olive.

Golda Chingri Massala£17.95

Giant prawns fresh from the bay of Bengal are baked in the clay oven, then gently simmered in spicy medium thick bhuna sauces shallot nutmeg and ajowan seeds.


Traditional gowan delicacy of chicken or lamb, marinated in spicy sauce. enhanced with asafoetida, curry leaves and crushed black pepper.

Goan Fish£9.95

Southern indian fish curry. Steamed cooked fish which is highly flavoured and garnished with coconut, hint of fresh green peppers, fresh coriander leaves, plumb tomatoes & various roast spices & herbs.

Grill Fish Jhall Freiz£9.95

Cooked in jalfrezi sauce garnished with turmeric, roasted coriander, crushed garlic cloves, finely chopped red onions, hint of sangri and olive oil and fresh green chilli for bite.

Pistachio Panir Massala£9.95

Marinated chicken or lamb with authentically prepared sauce with freshly ground pistachio nut. Fresh green chillies, creamy & slightly hot.

Garlic Chicken Chilli Massala£9.95

Barbecued chicken tikka cooked in special sauce prepared with yoghurt, green chillies, coriander and other fresh spices. Fairly hot.

Murgh Bari Khana£9.95

Tender pieces of chicken tempered with a touch of ginger and coriander cooked in spinach with tomatoes, garlic and onion sauce.


A favourite dish from the town of Goa. It consists of lightly spiced chicken cooked in a garam massala. the sauce is infused with whole roasted spices and beautifully presented with an exotic salad.

Sangri's Grill

Tandoori Mixed Grill£14.95

Perfect meal for one! Includes a variety of tandoori dishes and nan bread.


Pieces of lamb or chicken marinated in yoghurt then cooked over charcoal with special spices.

Tandoori Chicken£9.95

Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs and spices then cooked in the tandoor.


Chicken or lamb flavoured with special spices and cooked with onion, tamatoes and capsicum in the tandoor.

Tandoori King Prawn£17.95

Flavoured with spices and tenderly cooked over charcoal.

Side Orders

Tarka Dal Pink£4.95

Lentils cooked with garlic and lime leaf.

Bombay Aloo£4.95

Potatoes cooked bombay style.

Spicy Baingan£4.95

Aubergine cooked bengal style in light roasted spices.

Saag Bhaji Spinach£4.95

Cooked in garlic and aniseed.

Saag Aloo£4.95

Spinach and potatoes.

Chana Massala£4.95

Chick peas cooked with lemon and tamarind Sauce.

Aloo Gobi£4.95

Potatoes and cauliflower cooked in spices.

Cauliflower Bhaji£4.95

Cauliflower cooked in light spices

Mushroom Bhaji£4.95

Vegetable Curry£4.95

Onion Bhaji£4.95


Steamed Basmati Rice£3.50

Pilau Rice£3.50

Mushroom Rice£3.50

Egg Pilau Rice£3.50

Coconut Rice£3.95

Vegetable Rice£3.95

Special Fried Rice£3.95

Lemon Rice£3.95

Tikka Masala£8.95

Charcoal grilled chicken or lamb cooked in spices with cream and butter to Sangri's own recipe.


Tender pieces of lamb or chicken in a cream sauce with a hint of spices. Newcomers to Indian cuisine will be delighted with this dish.


Pieces of meat or chicken cooked with chopped onions, ginger, capsicum, tomatoes, green chillies and special spices.


Your selection cooked with cream and coconut to produce a very mild dish.


For when you are feeling a little more adventurous.


A well spiced thoroughbred dish, fairly hot to taste.


A very hot dish from Goa served with potatoes.


A drier than usual curry packed with spicy flavours.


An elegant dish cooked with whole spices and garnished with onion rings.


A parsee dish - hot, sweet and sour with a lentil base.


A medium hot dish cooked with green herbs, tomatoes and served in a rich sauce.


A northern dish cooked with bananas and mildly spiced.


Delicous curry of your choice cooked to perfection with lots of green spinach.


This is a fairly thick, tomato based sauce cooked with slices of onion and capsicum, flavoured with garlic, ginger and selection of spices.


An essential style of cooking that is almost like stir fry. The whole dish is cooked in karahi and then served in the dish, enabling the flavours to infuse with one another.


Tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with shallots, whole roasted spices, garlic and cashewnuts.


Your choice of succulent lamb or chicken pieces and himalayan basmati rice, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and exotic spices.

Vegetarian Dishes

Kudo and Aloo£7.95

Sweet pumpkin, cooked with potatoes in a thick sauce that is flavoured 'Samba' - a Gujarati spice that gives a delicate flavour to this dish.

Panir Alaraj£7.95

Vegetables cooked with cheese in a creamy Bhuna sauce.


This delightful dish is for pickle lovers. Fresh vegetable cooked in fairly hot herbs and spices adding olive oil, ginger. garlic and zedsary which creates an ingenious blend of flavours.

Palak Paneer£7.95

A wonderful combination of finely chopped spinach and paneer prepared with fresh herbs and spices.


Tikka Nan£3.50

Nan Plain£2.95

Stuffed Nan£3.50

Keema Nan£3.50

Garlic Nan £3.50

Peshwari Nan£3.50


Stuffed Paratha£3.50


Tandoori Roti£2.95



Plain Papadom£0.75

Spicy Papadom£0.75

Cucumber Raitha£1.95

Mango Chutney£0.75

Lime Pickle£0.75

Onion Salad£0.75

Mint Sauce£0.75


Cans(Any Variety)£1.50

1.5L Bottles(Any Variety)£3.95

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